You know when somebody like…I don’t know, like Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton or even John Edwards tells you they’re against the Iraq War make sure you ask them why. Are they against it because it’s an immoral and monumentally illegal and brazenly imperialist oil occupation that has killed more than 700,000 Iraqis as well as 3300 Americans and is part of a larger U.S. project of global dominance? Or do they think that the only thing wrong with the war is that it isn’t working.

As you listen to them ask yourself, do they still think U.S. foreign policy is basically good and do they only or mainly talk about U.S. casualties? Sadly, the answer to both questions is going to be yes.

And when someone like Hillary or Barack says they’re against the war on Iraq, ask them how far they are willing to go to express their supposed opposition. Are they willing to cut funding for this ongoing mass murderous and criminal and racist oil war now? Or do they just talk about non-binding timelines and benchmarks off in the future and only about getting some combat troops out maybe sometime before the 2008 elections?

Are they willing to impeach and remove George W. Bush and his overlord Darth Cheney for crimes against national and international law including fraudulently tricking the nation into an illegal, unprovoked war of raw imperial aggression? Are they willing to acknowledge America’s crimes against Iraq and to pay reparations to that country for the devastation we have inflicted on that state which never harmed or threatened us?


I really liked those chalk body outlines that one of you did last night to bring home the needless death of 3300 U.S. troops. But let’s not forget the 700,000 or more Iraqis murdered by this criminal war.

Over there by the playground somebody wrote in chalk: “George Bush when is enough enough?” That’s a good question, Yes, when have you had enough killing, when have you had enough death, Mr. President, you blood-soaked tyrant?

But the same question – when have enough died for this criminal war? – also needs to also be directed at Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and to Barack Obama and to Hillary Clinton and to John Edwards and to our own Demcoratic Congressman Dave Loebesack and to our Democratic Senator Tom Harkin

Bush can say whatever he wants and he will. But this bill the Democrats sent him and which he vetoed today was NOT an antiwar bill (repeat).

The Democrats’ so-called “antiwar” bill would have funded the war to the tune of $124 billion, more than Bush asked. It would have left tens of thousands of troops occupying Iraq for an indefinite period of time. It would leave huge imperial U.S. military bases intact for an indefinite period of time. It leaves U.S. Air Terror intact over Iraq for an indefinite period. It makes sure that U.S. imperial forces remain in Iraq to guarantee the transfer of huge Iraqi oil profits to U.S. and British petroleum corporations. It’s non-binding and therefore lacks any mechanism to actually force Bush and Darth Cheney to pull combat troops out. It even gives Bush a green light to attack Iran without Congressional approval for God’s sake.

And of course it says nothing about giving Bush and Cheney what most Americans know they deserve. It says nothing about impeaching them and removing them from office for crimes against the American people, for crimes against humanity, for crimes against international law and for crimes against national law. It says nothing up giving Bush and Cheney up to international authorities to stand trial for war crimes READ MORE


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