Environment, Globalization, and Genocide

The environment is the straight line link between globalization and genocide. The policies and practices of globalization institutions (such as the IMF and World Bank), and the practices of transforming nations for “participation” in a globalized free market capitalist economy, result in environmental destruction and the destruction of the peoples who live there. Whether it is global warming driven by “modernization” destroying the Arctic and the Inuit who live there, or the Tuareg and Fulani of Niger, or the devastation spreading across Africa, the practices and consequences of modern globalization wreak havoc.

Conservationist Michael Fay was quite blunt about these relationships in his interview with Sadia Lafti on the National Geographic sponsored Megaflyover of Africa to document the “Human Footprint” effects:

“Fay said he believed international aid to Africa must be transformed to preserve the continent’s basic resources instead of extracting them for wealthy nations. READ MORE


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