The purpose of a world parliament is to hold the international bodies to account. It is not a panacea. It will not turn the IMF or the UN Security Council into democratic bodies: as they are controlled by the veto powers of their major shareholder and permanent members, nothing but abolition and reconstruction could do so. But it does have the potential to impose a check on them. It wields no army, no police force, no weapons, no ready-made powers. Instead, it possesses something that none of the other global bodies have: legitimacy. One of the surprising lessons of history is that undemocratic organisations are often obliged to grant powers to democratic ones, to try acquire some retrospective legitimacy. Why else was the European parliament established? Why else have its powers been enhanced, despite the centralising tendencies of the European Council?

Those who claim, like the British eurosceptics, that regional or global decision-making is unnecessary are living in a world of make-believe. No political issue now stops at the national border. All the most important forces – climate change, terrorism, state aggression, trade, flows of money, demographic pressures, the depletion of resources – can be addressed only at the global level. The question is not whether global decisions need to be made. The question is how to ensure that they are made democratically. Is there any valid answer other than direct representation?  READ MORE



  1. Yeah, I saw this and posted it on my blogs too. Fantastic observations .

  2. The world body decisions are determined soley by American interests and the ongoing scandals and blatant refusal of these world organizations to advocate for the disenfranchised and downtroden and victimized has become the norm. The UN withholds food fom the starving in Niger because it will affect world markets or it turns its back on atrocities committed in Occupied Palestine, Lebanon, or Iraq in support of Western interests. The IMF barters chump-change in return for a soverign country being forced to privitize its institutions and terminate its social programs while turning its resources over to foreign corporations .
    Catching liar/thief and Iraq war criminal WOLFOWITZ with his hand in the cookie jar is just one example of what we have come to expect.

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