Canada-U.S. Integration: A Chronology

INTEGRATE THIS! A Citizen’s Guide to Fighting Deep Integration
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Download: Canada-U.S. Integration: A Timeline (PDF)

Closer ties with the United States inevitably beg the question of “how close is too close?” If it means lowering our food safety standards, surrendering civil liberties in the name of “security,” risking our natural resources by signing pacts that will give unfettered access to oil, gas and water reserves, and losing even more economic stability for average Canadians with unfair trade agreements – then that is too close.

Aren’t you being anti-American?

The reality is that Canada exists in close proximity to the United States, a country with strong economic, social and political policies. In a more globalized world, being next to this superpower logically raises the question of how much we, as Canadians, want our government’s policy and future shaped by the U.S. Do we want to pool our resources, get rid of our shared border, and link our destiny to the U.S. administration? Or do we want to take a different path? We are not saying that Canada shouldn’t work with the United States on joint concerns, but we believe that each country should be able to set independent policies and regulations.

What can I do about deep integration? read more


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