Will an American Surge Win the War for Oil; Canada of America Oil-Sands of Alberta out of control

power source for the tarsands long suspected but only days ago announced– will be nuclear power.

The community of Déline in the Sahtu region of Denendeh (NWT) has experience with uranium mining from decades previous. Fat Man and Little Boy were built from uranium that was mined at Port Radium to do so during WWII. There is a push to re-open this mine, despite peculiar deaths over decades—decades that left Déline with the nickname “Village of Widows”. Despite this, another “final report” officially exonerating the Eldorado mine on Great Bear Lake was issued only last year. This uranium rained death on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, and many Dene have “mysteriously” died ever since. This mine will begin cleanup this summer, and could be ready to help build nuclear plants for the tarsands—plants that the Energy Alberta Corporation just announced a few days ago are planned for between 36 months from now and 2016. Save the Earth: Go nuclear or burn gas to dig massive pits to waste freshwater to get dirty oil. Now burn that oil, or the terrorists win!

Of course, this massive waste of freshwater is so far coming directly out of the Athabasca, and as part of this “Texas North” Albertan “Surge”, it is now guaranteed to do so regardless of emergency situations including even droughts that affect a massive drop in water level. Mere days ago as well, the province of Alberta announced the water will never be cut off and even named this the new “water management plan”. Tarsand plunder of water is now sacred.

While the Conservatives battle with the Liberals for who can pretend to love the environment more, both promise to protect the operations of tarsands belching out emissions. When a Conservative Member of Parliament recently “accused” the Liberal Party of trying to shut down the tarsands, the Liberal Party machinery issued angry denunciations of such “fear mongering” . Perhaps overkill for the Liberals, whose own leader once uttered while environment minister for the previous government that “There is no environment minister on Earth that will stop this oil from being produced.”

However, faced with a bait and switch game too many local, federal and international environmentalists have thrown their weight behind hoping for just such a miracle. Many organizations, perhaps trying to buy for time, ask for the province of Alberta to have a “time out” period, a time when “only” the tarsands as is, “only” the infrastructure of pipelines to the Arctic, uranium mines for nuclear power plants, pipelines across nation after nation despite opposition, continue, just hold off on building these other facilities until after the first ones get bled dry. A moratorium on new development is called for, leaving the others chugging along. Though better than the “Surge” of the oil companies, a simple moratorium may already be imposed soon due to the constraints of the size of this gigaproject. If a labour shortage isn’t the problem, then not enough energy (infrastructure) is. read more


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