Robin Mathews to Appear Today on Radio Show re NAU

Monday, April 16 2007 @ 02:07 AM MDT


Special program on the North American Union

Date & Time: Monday April 16, noon to 2:30 pm Pacific Daylight time.

Program: Monday Brownbagger

Radio Station: CFRO, 102.7 FM in Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Listen to us at: , on cable throughout B.C., and on
Star Choice satellite on channel 845.

Guests in chronological order:

Interviewed by Don Nordin- (Overview of NAU, Canada’s involvement, etc.)
Constance (Connie) Fogal leader of the Canadian Action Party. A lawyer and
former teacher, Fogal lives in Vancouver where her late husband Harry Rankin
was a long time progressive city councillor. She is an anti-globalization
activist and was an opponent of the Multilateral Agreement on Investment and
the North American Free Trade Agreement. She has also been active with the
“Canadian Liberty Committee”.

Interviewed by Alfred Webre- (Based on Ken Fernandez’ article explaining the
foundation for future terror against the Montreal Metro Subway with the same
companies controlling security as the 7/7 London Underground bombings in
2005. VerInt and the connections to globalist plans for Canadian annexation.

Ken Fernandez is a political consultant influenced by the political legacy
of Pierre Elliott Trudeau. He ran for the Canadian Action Party in the
federal elections of 2000 and 2004 in the riding of

Interviewed by Diana and Jeff Jewell- (Historical context of American thrust
to take over Canada and the whole Western Hemisphere; how Canadian business
and political leadership have served to facilitate these American
Robin Mathews Canadian poet, activist and professor.
Mathews self-published his first collection of poems in 1961. In the same
decade he shot to national fame by taking an uncomprising position against
American imperialism and the complementary colonial attitude of Canadian
elites. He also spearheaded the movement to have Canadian literature taught
in schools, something that was not universally accepted at that time.
Mathews currently writes a regular column for the Canadian nationalist
organization Vive le Canada.



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