If you make it through all of that, you’ll eventually reach the 22nd paragraph, where you’ll unearth this pertinent little fact:

Experts say the Natanz plant needs between 50,000 to 60,000 centrifuges to consistently produce fuel for a reactor or build a warhead.

Yes, in the 22nd paragraph of the 28-graph story, we learn that the 3,000 centrifuges are one twentieth of the number experts say are needed to build a warhead! That, my friends, is a fog fact.

PS: I know it would be asking too much for these reports to mention a key aspect of the UN sanctions against Iran. The resolution authorizing them offers no cause that justifies them. There’s no sentence in there like, “whereas Iran is violating blah blah blah.” That’s because Iran — like all other signatories of the Non Proliferation Treaty — is guaranteed the right to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes, and the process is the same until you stick the enriched uranium in a weapon. read more



  1. Iran is spoiling for a fight with the west!!! Why are they so determined to receive the wrath that the United States and its partners are capable of providing, unless they truly believe that we are not capable of or willing to preemptively attack them? Why does the western world continue to play games with a government that has proven through word and deed that it is in fact willing to aggressively pursue its own destruction? Worst of all is the fact that Israel has a responsibility to its citizens that cannot allow for a nuclear armed Iran and furthermore Israel is armed with nuclear weapons and has little if any assurances that a conventional strike will create the damage necessary to successfully halt Iran’s nuclear infrastructure or deter the Iranian government from pursuing nuclear armaments in the future and ultimately the destruction of Israel.

    Why do we in the west refuse to take terrorists and the countries that support them at their word? If you are in close proximity to a person who has murdered before, and that person says that they are going to beat you to death, and you can see the person making a bat with which they could carry out their threats, do you wait for them to finish the bat, or do you preemptively attack and destroy your enemy based on the evidence at hand?

    Here are the facts that confront the world at large.

    * Iran is and has for some time been not only a sponsor of terrorism but an active terrorist entity.

    * Iran is putting every national resource into its nuclear weapons program.

    * Iran has stated very clearly what it intends to do with its nuclear capabilities once they have achieved a working weapon.

    * Iran has shown through the force of action that it holds the entire world in contempt and that it feels that it can act with impunity even where their actions are clearly illegal and infringe on the rights of western citizens and the governments that are supposed to be protecting them!

    * Iran is going to have enough fissile material to build its first nuclear weapon within 12 to 15 months (possibly sooner).

    It is only through preemptive action that the rest of the world can be assured of any degree of security for our future, and indeed the future of the entire human race. Are we going to take the high road to Armageddon? Are we going to run back to the United Nations to our peril and the peril of every human being? Or are we going to let the suicidal tendencies of one government that is acting not only against the desires and best intentions of the global community but the citizens is says it represents lead us all to destruction?

    It is my contention that Iran’s representatives are speaking from the heart when they say they intend to destroy Israel. It is my sincere belief that Iran, Syria and Venezuela are united and working actively together to bring about Armageddon! It is clear to me that they believe they can get away with the creation of a nuclear weapon, the blatant and intentional destruction of Israel, and the annexation of Iraq, all while the rest of the world watches in horror and does nothing to prevent it!

  2. The U.S. and its client state Israel destroyed Secular nationalism throughout the Middle East targeting leaders for assassination while installing puppet regimes and thereby creating the vacuum which brought these groups to power. Are you not aware of the birth of secular nationalism in Egypt, Iraq and Iran and with the overthrow by the CIA of elected Mohammed Mossadegh in 1953 and the resulting chaos that followed?
    You have not obviously backed your contention up with any research but are blindly spewing hateful propaganda from the two biggest terrorist states in the world. Israel and the US.

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