What If Iran Had Invaded Mexico? Putting the Iran Crisis in Context.

It is, however, useful to ask how we would act if Iran had invaded and occupied Canada and Mexico and was arresting U.S. government representatives there on the grounds that they were resisting the Iranian occupation (called “liberation,” of course). Imagine as well that Iran was deploying massive naval forces in the Caribbean and issuing credible threats to launch a wave of attacks against a vast range of sites — nuclear and otherwise — in the United States, if the U.S. government did not immediately terminate all its nuclear energy programs (and, naturally, dismantle all its nuclear weapons). Suppose that all of this happened after Iran had overthrown the government of the U.S. and installed a vicious tyrant (as the US did to Iran in 1953), then later supported a Russian invasion of the U.S. that killed millions of people (just as the U.S. supported Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Iran in 1980, killing hundreds of thousands of Iranians, a figure comparable to millions of Americans). Would we watch quietly?

It is easy to understand an observation by one of Israel’s leading military historians, Martin van Creveld. After the U.S. invaded Iraq, knowing it to be defenseless, he noted, “Had the Iranians not tried to build nuclear weapons, they would be crazy… read more


4 responses to “What If Iran Had Invaded Mexico? Putting the Iran Crisis in Context.

  1. Terrific Chomsky piece – thanks for posting it – his later points about the absence of democracy in the US are excellent, too.

  2. Yes- He is a major voice for stripping away the U.S. Administration/corporate/military carnival tactics of decieving the public of imperialistic policies underway

  3. I am a Chomskeyist (read this piece elsewhere). but I think the current imperialist project has entered unchartered waters of religious war.

    You see, this time around, the evil is NOT communism; it is Islam. The little monster they have been incubating for the past 60 years (feeding it on Palestinian’s suffering) has grown to unsizeable proportions; and the old imperialist tools of divide and conquer don’t seem to be containable. Today, Moghtada Sadr called to arms against the US. 5 years ago Taliban did the same. The baby monsters are turning against the dirty hand that feeds them. And I am not sure all the oil of the world can buy us out of that.

  4. The US is the conclusive voice in the world and after successive years of unbridled criminal violence against an invaded sovereign people abandoned by the rest of the world and betrayed by the institutions such as the U.N. what options remain?
    Torture and rape, illegal kidnapping, deliberate targetting of civilians and use of illegal ordinance seems ok by the world since none of either the criminals running the US administration or the corporate military have been charged or brought to justice for their criminal behavior. It seems that every Iraqi that opposes this invasion is targetted for rape, torture and death.
    If the Iraqi peoples are to survive then they must come together as one and Moqtada-Al- Sadr recognizes his sovereign people s’ right to oppose this illegal invasion.

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