British Hostages Retribution for Botched US Raid

The attempt by the US to seize the two high-ranking Iranian security officers openly meeting with Iraqi leaders is somewhat as if Iran had tried to kidnap the heads of the CIA and MI6 while they were on an official visit to a country neighbouring Iran, such as Pakistan or Afghanistan. There is no doubt that Iran believes that Mr Jafari and Mr Frouzanda were targeted by the Americans. Mr Jafari confirmed to the official Iranian news agency, IRNA, that he was in Arbil at the time of the raid.

In a little-noticed remark, Manouchehr Mottaki, the Iranian Foreign Minister, told IRNA: “The objective of the Americans was to arrest Iranian security officials who had gone to Iraq to develop co-operation in the area of bilateral security.”

…The raid in Arbil was a far more serious and aggressive act. It was not carried out by proxies but by US forces directly. The abortive Arbil raid provoked a dangerous escalation in the confrontation between the US and Iran which ultimately led to the capture of the 15 British sailors and Marines – apparently considered a more vulnerable coalition target than their American comrades. read more


2 responses to “British Hostages Retribution for Botched US Raid

  1. The head of Intelligence for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard was one of the prime targets. Do you really believe he was there do determine the best way to help the Iraqi situation ? The Revolutionary Guard is likely behind any number of Iraqi/US deaths. Iraq…all of Iraq is a war zone and things will happen, do you agree? And lastly British troops are an easier target since the US rules of engagement would have resulted in Iranian Revolutionary Guard personnel floating in the Gulf.

  2. U.S. embassies are full of Military staff, visiting Generals , heads of state with self-interest objectives yet no one condones the embassies being over-run staff kidnapped,detained and computers and documents seized. Even the puppet Iraqi gov’t objected to the U.S. military actions.
    The U.S. military is “not just likely” but responsible for genocide, illegal kidnapping and rendition and torture, targetting civilians with illegal posphorus, cluster bombs, unspent uranium. The U.S. is funding terrorists groups inside Iran, Lebanon and of course death squads in Iraq.
    Everything vile and dishonest and illegal that can and could be done is and has been done by the U.S.
    Iran will not be bullied and is the only country to stand up to the U.S. murderous Middle East inhuman blood frency called importing democracy .
    British troops ( corporate hired guns) were used as pawns to escalate confrontation with Iran.
    Iran will not lie down and be brutalized by U.S. ambitions . Unfortunately all the world cowardly supports this illegal and outright antagonism.
    Yankee go home!

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