Beware of State Power

Iran is at the core of the energy producing system. However, there is another factor and that’s the mafia factor that I mentioned. Iran was successful and defiant of the US in 1979 when it overthrew the US-installed tyrant, and it has to be punished for that.

You take a look at US policies ever since 1979. First under the Carter administration, the US tried to instigate a military coup in Iran, but that didn’t work. So under Regan, they turned to supporting Saddam Hussein and his aggression against Iran, which was not a small thing.

Hundreds of thousands of Iranians were killed by chemical weapons, and the US and Britain and other western powers, and Russia too, provided full support for Saddam Hussein right through the worst atrocities… After that came harsh embargoes and boycotts, sabre rattling and other kinds of threats.

Right now, there are extensive naval deployments in the Gulf, which are almost certain to lead to some sort of confrontation even if by accident.

Take what happened (last week). Under disputed circumstances, an Iranian naval vessel captured a couple of small British naval boats. That is the kind of thing that can set off a major war.

There is a nuclear issue, but it is resolvable. In fact, if the US and Iran were functioning democracies, then it would be resolved. US public opinion and Iranian public opinion are very close on nuclear issues. Large majorities of both countries believe that Iran should have the right to produce nuclear energy on its own, and both same majorities believe that it should not have the right to develop nuclear weapons. Now that’s a possible resolution if both countries were democratic. read more


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