100,000 Japanese civilians killed in one night during a campaign of fire bombing Japanese wooden-built cities during world war 2


3 responses to “FOG OF WAR EXCERPT- [VIDEO]

  1. I believe it was over these incidents that the General in charge said, “If we lose the war, I’ll be tried as a war criminal.” Makes my heart heavy to consider the suffering of non-soldiers in this terrible atrocity.

  2. I am amazed that the public believes anything coming from the American Administration let alone the military. To see a video finallyy after about 60 years revealing a genocidal campaign to eradicate huge sections of the civilian population makes me angry and forces me to critically look at the the U.S. campaign to destroy the world. While we pick our noses the U.S, ADMINISTRATION does whatever it wants to with bestial cruelty and no accountability. The West truly is ‘THE GREAT SATAN’

  3. Which, alas, devours even its own. Look at this bit from the NYTimes I found just today: Chuck Hagel and Vietnam

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