Turn British Sailors over to parents and families whose innocent children have been tortured and murdered and then take trophy videos to show their friends or do what we say but don’t do what we do or …

Are 15 sailors worth more than the one million Iraq civilian casualities plus the half million murders of children during the UN sanctions in Iraq previous to the invasion and occupation?

So what about the targetting of civilians using cluster bombs, phosphorus, chemicals, unspent uranium.

How about illegal kidnapping/rendition and outsourcing torture?

What about covert violence underway inside Iran by the West and Israel to destabilize the Gov’t and the deaths caused by this violence?

How about The west selling armaments to Israel to use against Lebanon and then Israel purposely scattering faulty cluster bombs within civilian occupied areas as the agreed cease fire was being set up?

Yet the capture of 15 hired corporate goons has generated so much international controversay…..


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