Canada and the World Order After the Wreckage

Canada needs to develop a comprehensive framework for remaking its relations with Israel and Palestine, beginning by breaking economic, cultural and political ties with Israel. Israel has consistently and blatantly rejected international legal norms, notably UN resolutions on illegal settlements in the Occupied Territories, withdrawal to the ‘green line’ 1967 borders and the building of the illegal apartheid separation wall. Canadian actions should include: recognition of the democratically elected Hamas (now in alliance with Fatah) government and restoration of funding; the abrogation of the Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement; the ending of the special research and development programmes of the Canadian government with Israel; and the move of Canada’s vote at the UN on Palestinian resolutions in line with the vast majority of the nations of the world condemning Israeli violations of basic international norms on occupation, imprisonment, return of refugees, legal rights of citizens, and nuclear weapons inspections. read 


2 responses to “Canada and the World Order After the Wreckage

  1. uhmmm … don’t you think Canada’s Israel Lobby is just as powerful as the America’s?

  2. Hi,
    Yes, I realize that the pro Israel Lobby is an amalgamated world lobby. I was recently reading an article, ‘Canada’s very own pro Israel lobby’ at
    I was being hopeful when I linked to the Globalresearch article

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