A Million Deaths in Iraq

Post-invasion Occupied Iraqi excess deaths (avoidable deaths, deaths that did not have to happen) now total ONE MILLION as of March 2007, after 4 years of war and as estimated from data from the top US medical epidemiology group in the World’s top Public Health School (the Nobel Laureate-containing Bloomberg School of Public Health) at the top US Johns Hopkins University, published peer-reviewed in the top UK medical journal The Lancet and endorsed by 27 top Australian medical experts. [1-3]..read more


One response to “A Million Deaths in Iraq

  1. I was recently told by a visiting blogger to lighten up..others who know me say that I am taking this all too seriously .Another said she didn’t want to hear anything negative while another someone I used to know was overwhelmed with how to buy property and live in both Mexico and Canada.
    On the way to work I passed a buddist centre and the parking lot was full of new mercedes and vw gettas..
    Things are pretty fucked i’d say. The photo leading this article makes me feel both angry and grief – stricken. I can’t help but picture my 11 yr old daughter in that photo and I could immediately jump to/identify/see myself (perhaps) as a suicide bomber. It is so fucking easy for me to understand that next step especially since q-ing up, with permit in hand, to participate in the orderly anti-war protest doesn’t count for much as an alternative.
    I sure hope another idiot does not ask me if I support the troops. Fuck the troops. The troops (corporate hired-guns) should do the right thing, drop your weapons and refuse to fight cause the only sacrifice happening in Iraq is the iraq civilians who are being butchered. For what? positioning for control plus resources; America really has been aptly called the Devil.

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