The ancient Persian empire became Iran on March 21, 1935. From that time till now, Iran obeyed international law, never occupied a foreign territory, and never threatened or attacked another state beyond occasional border skirmishes over unsettled disputes of the kinds other nations engage in that are far short of all out wars. It only had full-scale conflict defensively after Saddam Hussein launched a full-scale invasion in September, 1980 backed, equipped and financially aided by Washington that included supplying chemical and biological weapon precursors and crucial intelligence on Iranian field positions and force strength.

The conflict became known as the Iran-Iraq war. It lasted till August, 1988 over which time a million or more people died, countless numbers more were wounded and displaced, with America all the while inciting both sides to keep up the killing. It hoped to destroy both countries and then move in to pick up the pieces like it’s been trying to do since in the Middle East and elsewhere with growing difficulty as not everyone likes our rules and some are even bold enough to renounce them.

Iran became a major US adversary after its 1979 revolution established the Islamic Republic in February, 1980. Since then, the two countries have had no diplomatic ties and relations between them have been frosty and uncertain at best with Washington only interested in normalization on its usual one-way dictated terms. They’re the same kinds offered other developing states – we’re “boss,” surrender your sovereignty to ours, and accede to neoliberal market-based rules made in Washington that aren’t negotiable. Iran refuses so it’s public enemy number one topping the US target queue for regime change. Rule by extremist mullahs and reactors aren’t the problems. They’re just pretexts like all the phony intelligence about Iran destabilizing Iraq discussed below… read more



  1. I compiled something a little like this that you’re welcome to use if you see fit. It’s at A Brief History of Iran-US Relations, Part 1

  2. Thanks,
    I visited your site and read that compilation. I was waiting for part 2

  3. Indeed – and it seems to me that those groups that demand that all Jews publicly support Zionism (or be branded anti-Semitic) may be the ones whose work actually results in anti-Semitism. Fortunately, it does seem that in the US and the UK Jews are feeling an obligation to speak out against the abuses of power by the Israelis. SO like the US situation – the more a nation abuses others, the more “anti-” that nation the world becomes.
    Yep, I’ll get Part 2 out next week. Thanks!

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