The law’s unfair, untransparent and undemocratic provisions reflect the influence and interests of external actors; namely the US and British governments and foreign oil companies. As a document it makes history and marks a milestone in a historical process that has been pushed through by war and occupation. It is the sell off and rip off of Iraq’s oil by foreign companies’. more



  1. THIS ought to be on the front page of any journal! This contextualizes Bush’e crussade!

  2. In a speech earlier this month by Hassan Juma, head of the Iraqi Oil Labour Union, posted on the union’s website, he called on the Iraqi government to consult with Iraqi oil experts and “ask their opinion before sinking Iraq into an ocean of dark injustice.”

    The content of the law has also worried both international campaigners and local Iraqi groups who say that it puts Iraqi oil wealth firmly on the path to full privatisation.

    “The hydrocarbon law reflects the process of readying Iraq’s oil for privatisation,” said Jasiewicz. “Drafted in secret, shaped by foreign powers, untransparent, undemocratic and forced through under military occupation.”

    Jasiewicz said the law can be regarded as the economic goal of the war and occupation and that “it will be viewed by most Iraqis as not just illegitimate, but a war crime.”

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