IF Supporting the Troops means Supporting the War then I, for one, Don’t Support the Troops

February 16th, 2007 · No Comments

We are exporting violence to the Middle East. Our Government including our corporate and military sectors, had initally mobilized the countries’ support through vile deception. We then barbarously bombed a Sovereign country, an ancient civilization back into the stone age with a grotesque disregard for its innocent civilizans. The first thing secured before the all-out decimation of Iraq’s infrastructure were the oil fields. We unlawfully used spent uranium, illegal ordinance; cluster bombs and phosphorus and then denied their usage. For every watered down story from a complicit, imbeded, corporate media there are numerous stories unreported. We have targeted innocent civilians for death and torture, we have illegally kidnapped and tortured here and there and sent victims elsewhere to be tortured. Our soldiers have laughed while raping, beating and sexually abusing- participating either directly or- indirectly- turning their backs to avoid being shunned by their troop-mates.

Many have sick trophy videos which document torture processes, these abuses are wide spread.

Europe’s, renowned medical journal, The Lancet, counts at least one million innocent Iraqi civilizans dead through this barbaric, illegal invasion.

We are using restructuring money to build full-time military bases while pretending that this is not so.


I refuse to buy into such obviously transparent, infantile purposely manufactured horseshit equating patriotism with supporting the troops. This was the strategy of the Nazi’s top propagandist.

Our soldiers are employed as hired guns working for various CEO’S ruthlessly bent on plunder and genocide. The top of the chain of command: the President, Vice President and on down are guilty of war crimes/crimes against humanity- of genocide. Those responsible, which, by the way, includes also Canada’s Prime Minister and his corporate/military handlers should be tried outside of the country.

My support and sympathy goes to the innocent Iraqi victims -The mothers-the fathers-the children-the grandchildren-the cousin- the neighbour- the friend. I am a father and my life would be destroyed if i was to lose my child. I cannot even begin to imagine what it would mean to lose my whole families and generations of family from both husband and wife and father and mother .

It is now the time troops to drop your guns and refuse to participate.


4 responses to “I DON’T SUPPORT THE TROOPS

  1. Courageous piece – way to go!

  2. This genocide just cannot be justified. AT this point in time manipulating the masses with hollow rhetoric like ” SUPPORT THE TROOPS ” is not only insulting to those with accessible heart-mind connections, it is downright evil.
    I appreciate your insight Monte

  3. When I see a bumper stickers that says “Support the Troops” – the images of the hundred thousand plus men, women and children who suffered a horrible death from bombs paid by my taxes come to mind. Those troops are not courageuous defenders of the nation – but mass murderers. I too am proud to state I DO NOT SUPPORT OUR TROOPS.

  4. I have been following reports on the soldiers who planned and then targeted a 14 yr.girl for gang rape-they murdered the family, then gang-raped and burned the body with kerosene to hide the evidence. They will only serve 10 yrs.
    The Army is recruiting in the jails and prisons and welcoming thugs, murders, rapists and gang members.
    Private contractors/mercenaries are enriching themselves with all the war-booty as they provide training to the troops, are in charge of basic services and are unshackled to roam unfettered.
    On top of this the war is an illegal invasion. Targeting/coercing the population to follow such transparent deception is orchestrated under the guidance of think-tank physcologists embeded within the health sector, the same profession which prostituted itself to oversee the top military in torture techniques.

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